Highly-flexible label-free workstations for any kind of biomolecular interaction studies. Find the suitable device for your application.


A label-free µ-array workstation for biomolecular interaction studies

/ High-throughput
/ Versatility
/ Reliability
/ Glass type consumables

The b-screen combines the high-throughput of classic µ-array with the high-content of kinetic measurements. Up to 22,500 independent biomolecular interactions can be analysed simultaneously to gain information about binding affinities as well as association and dissociation rates (ka and kd).

The b-screen is a µ-array workstation that allows you to observe the complete binding process on each spot of your µ-array in parallel. It automates flow through incubation, dissociation, data acquisition and regeneration. Integrated powerful fluidics allow for robust and reliable measurements.

Measurement, sample handling and data acquisition is automatized within an easy to use software. In addition, the complementary data evaluation package offers a powerful tool for kinetic data analysis.

The b-screen utilises low-cost glass type sensor chips in the standard microscopic slide format. Format and surface technology are compatible usual printing equipment and methods. The Biametrics sensor chips come equipped with various coupling chemistries.

Interaction studies can be performed with almost any type of biomolecule, ranging from proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA up to whole cells, viruses or (nano) particles. The system is compatible with standard buffers and media and even crude samples like serum or cell lysates.


A point-of-need tool for label-free biomolecular interaction analysis

/ Cost effective
/ Fast kinetic analysis
/ Easy to use plug-and-play
/ Internal calibration

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