A fast and reliable characterisation of protein-protein interactions is essential for various applications in both academic research as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Label-free technologies do not require a labelling with a reporter substance and enable a real-time monitoring and the determination of kinetic parameters. Many label-free biosensor systems however suffer from a low throughput read-out.

Biametrics’ SCORE technology (single colour reflectometry) enables now the unique combination of label-free measurements with high throughput screenings. We recently characterised the binding of an anti-FLAG antibody to a high density peptide array of FLAG epitope variants. 1485 antibody-antigen interactions were thereby detected simultaneously and a full kinetic evaluation was performed for each interaction.

Take a look at our poster from the American Peptide Symposium 2017 for more details of this study! Please leave your comments and questions at out Facebook and Twitter page.

This study was accomplished in cooperation with Schafer-N ApS. Visit their website for more information.

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Alice works as scientist and project manager at Biametrics. She has a Master in Molecular Medicine and experience in molecular biology of eukaryotic cells.