Events — December 2nd, 2016

Meet us: SLAS in Washington, February 4-8

Talk to one of our experts about the b-screen at the Berthold booth at SLAS in Washington. Use the opportunity to find out more about “Label-free readout of pharmaceutically relevant peptide microarrays” at our poster.

Events — December 2nd, 2016

Meet us: PepTalk in San Diego, January 9-13

Our team will join the Berthold booth to present the b-screen at the upcoming San Diego PepTalk conference. Be sure to check out out our poster on “Label-free microarrays for the optimisation of antibody binding”.

Events — November 15th, 2016

b-screen Live Show

Learn about next generation label-free microarrays in upcoming the b-screen roadshow. Meet b-screen users, developers and specialists.

Events — October 25th, 2016

b-screen Tour reaches Basel

Find out about the technology behind label-free microarrays and it’s multiple applications. Guest speaker Dr. Günter Roth (University of Freiburg) will give us insight on how he applies the SCORE technology in the development of diagnostic assays.

Events — October 11th, 2016

b-screen roadshow takes of in Tübingen

The first date of the b-screen roadshow will take place in our hometown Tübingen. Guest speaker Prof. Dr. Günter Gauglitz (University of Tübingen) will give a lecture on the various application of the SCORE technology.