Quality control and Bioprocessing

Imagine cost effective, easy and time-efficient control of biological and biochemical production processes to ensure product quality. Or provide advanced testing methods to be used by the end-user himself at the point of need.

Quality control of antibody production

Quality control of antibodies and other biomolecules is crucial to ensure the maximum yield in production and a continuous high quality of the harvested antibodies or biomolecules. The Biametrics devices and especially bportable offers an excellent and complementary methodological addition in this quality control process.
The smart and flexible assay protocols allow for a fast and reliable concentration determination of active binders – even in complex matrices.

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Veterinary diagnostics of salmonella infections in animals for food production.

The possibility to detect ill animals as soon as possible within a herd is not only of interest from a commercial point of view but also from an ethical. A common infection in pig herds is infection with salmonella, which renders the flesh from infected animals not suited for food production anymore. Therefore, a fast and point-of-need discrimination of ill and healthy animals was realised using the Biametrics technology featured in the bportable.

Literature: "A robust sensor platform for label-free detection of anti-Salmonella antibodies using undiluted animal sera", Ewald, M., Le Blanc, A.F., Gauglitz, G. et al. Anal Bioanal Chem (2013) 405: 6461.

Detection of antibiotics as contaminants in food products.

Antibiotics are the weapon of choice to save human lives when facing bacterial infections. But this weapon has become dull over the recent years. One of the reasons is the widespread application of antibiotics in food production to keep animals pro-actively fed with antibiotics. We show, how the Biametrics bportable technology is capable to contribute to monitor the presence of antibiotics in food.

Water analytics for detection of hormone active substances.

The detection and monitoring of hormone active substances – often also referred as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) – has been a challenge over decades now. An evolution of this monitoring is the effect directed analysis (EDA), where rather the effect is detected than a single substance. The use of biosensors based on the Biametrics bportable technology aids greatly to improve the existing monitoring tools.

Detection and identification of engineered nanoparticles in consumer products.

Engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) are entering the food chain with unforeseen consequences for the end-user. The current instrumentation for the detection and identification of ENPs is often too complicated and costly to be applied in routine quality controls to protect the consumer. We present a novel a approach, which tackles exactly this problem by using novel sensing elements for detecting ENPs.