Cell-based Assays

You are not restricted to investigate (bio-)molecular interactions at molecular level. You can expand your assay towards whole cell applications.

Monitoring of cell behaviour on surfaces.

An intrinsic advantage of the Biametrics technology when monitoring bigger structures - like cells - is the higher penetration depth compared to evanescent field techniques (e.g. SPR). This enables us to monitor the whole cell instead of only parts of the cell close to the surface. The capability to do so was demonstrated by monitoring Jurkat cells on differently modified surfaces, which allow or disallow attachment of cells via their membrane receptors.

Direct analysis of infectious virus particles from human liquids.

Almost any pandemic or close-to-pandemic event was caused by viruses. To prevent this in the future, a faster detection of viruses is mandatory. Utilising a direct test format it is possible to detect virus particles and quantify them within minutes.