Our versatile technology can be used in a wide range of different and even complementary applications. Take a minute and explore the different fields you are most interested in.

Protein/Protein Interactions

Protein/Protein interactions are the basis of life to function. Explore and understand them on a molecular level and without disturbing these processes by labelling.

/ Quantitative
/ Benefit from kinetic information
/ Free scalable to your needed throughput (1-22,500 interactions simultaneously)

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Pharmaceutical Screening

Develop new pharmaceuticals against your target structures, tune the properties of pharmaceuticals towards your needs, or identify new pharmaceutical targets.

/ All kind of biomolecular interactions
/ Access to kinetic data
/ No influence of labels

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Understanding kinetics will give you a unique understanding of how (bio-)molecular interactions function. Knowing kinetics will enable you to characterise and compare your (bio-)molecular interactions of interest qualitatively and quantitatively and provide you deeper knowledge about the underlying principles.

/ All kind of biomolecular interactions
/ No influence of labels
/ Real flow through experiments

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Cell-based Assays

You are not restricted to investigate (bio-)molecular interactions at molecular level. You can expand your assay towards whole cell applications.

/ Monitor whole cells (no evanescent field)
/ Variable assay temperature possible
/ Glass type substrates with suitable biopolymers

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Develop new tests to detect diseases faster, more cost effective, and more reliable to improve quality of life for patients.

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Consumer Safety

Imagine cost effective, easy and time-efficient control of biological and biochemical production processes to ensure product quality. Or provide advanced testing methods to be used by the end-user himself at the point of need.

/ Reliable
/ No sample pre-treatment
/ Point-of-need possibility

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DNA, RNA, PNA, LNA, or Aptamers – all of them are compatible with the Biametrics technology.

/ Binding of proteins to Oligonucleotides also possible
/ Kinetic data accessible

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Your Application

Do you have other exciting applications that could profit from our label-free screening technology? Contact us! Our team is happy to discuss it directly with you.

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