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Develop a deeper understanding of the interaction of your biomolecules

/ Drug development & therapeutic antibodies
/ Secondary screening
/ Quality control

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Profit from our expertise in kinetics, optics and fluidics

/ Measurement principle
/ Label-free real-time measurements
/ Fluidics

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Find your label free solution. From high content to high throughput with a flexibility optimised for your needs.

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Protein microarrays – a status quo

A new article in European Biopharmaceutical Review takes a look at protein and peptide microarrays. How useful are microarrays in the pharamceutical development process today?  (more…)

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For our immunology screening assays we are looking for a high-throughput label-free analytics platform. We have identified the Biametrics b-screen device as a promising solution for our application. We could not identify any other label-free technology on the market matching the b-screen in terms of throughput for our purposes.

Dominik Maurer, Ph.D., Head & Director of Immunology
Immatics GmbH