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Develop a deeper understanding of the interaction of your biomolecules

/ Drug development & therapeutic antibodies
/ Diagnostics
/ Cell based assays

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Profit from our expertise in kinetics, optics and fluidics

/ Measurement principle
/ Label-free real-time measurements
/ Fluidics

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Find your label free solution. From high content to high throughput with a flexibility optimised for your needs.

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Early lead identification aided by label-free technologies

Learn more about our SCORE technology and how it can enhance your search for pharmaceutically interesting compounds.

Our CEO Günther explains how this works and shows some selected examples. Read more in the recent publication of LABOonline (German article).

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For our immunology screening assays we are looking for a high-throughput label-free analytics platform. We have identified the Biametrics b-screen device as a promising solution for our application. We could not identify any other label-free technology on the market matching the b-screen in terms of throughput for our purposes.

Dominik Maurer, Ph.D., Head & Director of Immunology
Immatics GmbH